What is UMF? Unique Manuka Factor

UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor, which encompasses a combination of various natural elements found in authentic manuka honey, including Methylglyoxal (MGO), DHA, and Leptosperin. These bioactive components give manuka honey its unique properties, and UMF takes into account this entire entourage to give you a comprehensive grade of honey quality.

MGO, The Star Player in UMF

Alright, picture this: Methylglyoxal (MGO) is like the rockstar of manuka honey. It’s the compound that steals the show when it comes to the honey’s antibacterial power. MGO is formed from dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a natural sugar present in the nectar of the manuka flowers. As the honey matures, DHA transforms into MGO, and voilà, you’ve got yourself a potent antimicrobial force!

In a Nutshell

UMF is the holistic grading system that puts manuka honey under the microscope, taking into account various natural compounds, including MGO, to assess its purity and potency. Convert your UMF to MGO Here.

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