Honey is one of nature’s most ancient unrefined food sources and we aim to keep it that way. Each step of our process from extraction right through to labelling is carefully considered to bring you the very best of New Zealand honey.

Our honey is supremely rich and robust in flavour, our raw, pollen packed honey is collected locally from sites across the North Island of New Zealand. Each jar is uniquely labelled with the batch number and hive location, allowing you to see exactly where your honey comes from.



On-site scraping method collects the honey, pollen + beeswax directly from the honey frame in the field

The raw honey, pollen and beeswax is transported to our hands-on run processing plant

The wax is then separated out from the honey using a custom designed wax press

This process leaves us with nutrient-dense, pollen-enriched honey, that is independently tested and then bottled for you


Our bees have worked really hard to fill our honey with all sorts of goodness, so we choose not to micro-filter or heat our honey. This is because micro-filtering and heating honey to a high temperature can rob many of the naturally occurring nutrients, and we’d hate for you to miss out.


POLLEN (aka Bee Bread)

Why the buzz around pollen? Well, it’s what many consider a ‘super-food’ because it is packed full of antioxidants, a whole heap of protein and can be used medicinally for its anti-inflammatory properties.

RAW, ECO FRIENDLY and high in pollen

Our honey is naturally enriched with a unique type of pollen known as ‘bee bread’ (yes, bees can bake too!) – This is what fresh pollen is transformed into once taken inside the hive by bees. Their nutritious ‘bread’ is vital for feeding their young, and it is just as nourishing for us humans. Pollen, which you might have seen on the shelves at your local health food store, is typically collected at the entrance of a beehive by a trap that scrapes pollen off the bees’ legs before they enter the hive. 

We prefer a less invasive approach, letting nature run its course, allowing our bees to take pollen into the hive where it is mixed with honey, nectar and a variety of enzymes before it ferments forming the ‘bread.’ ‘Bee bread’ not only has a richer nutritional profile, but the process of fermentation increases its bio availability making it a whole lot easier for your body to take in all of the nutrients.