At Wrights Honey, we are collectors of honey, passionate about bees and sharing their honey as nature intended – raw, minimally processed, and enriched with pollen.

Founder, Caleb Wright began beekeeping after being taught by his father who was trialling a new method of extracting honey. What the Wright’s discovered was that the eco-friendly method of scraping honey, pollen, and wax directly from the frame not only resulted in a supremely rich and delicious honey, but one that is uniquely filled with fermented bee pollen (a.k.a ‘Bee Bread’) found only within the hive.

Enriched with Pollen

In Wrights Honey’s case, the proof is in the pollen. We sent samples of honey away for certified lab testing, the results came back showing a pollen count in our honey up to ten times higher than the average result for New Zealand honey.

All of Wrights Honey is proudly collected, harvested, and packaged in New Zealand. We have a simple desire to share with you our pure, premium honey.


Same hive, different honeys

Did you know that the same hive can produce different kinds of honey pending the time of year? When the Manuka flowers are in full bloom, our hives can produce Manuka Honey 500+ MGO level honey. As the flowers die out over the season, the levels of MGO will decrease, producing our 350+ MGO; 100+ MGO and Manuka Honey ranges. When the Manuka finishes Kanuka, clover and other variety’s will flower giving us our Multi Floral honey.  
We have our honey independently tested and graded by registered laboritories with every harvest.

Why is high pollen honey so good for you?

Wrights Honey is enriched with pollen known as ‘bee bread’ – filled with antioxidants, high in protein, and anti-inflammatory, pollen is what bees rely on as a vital source of nourishment for feeding their young.

Our method of scraping everything from the frame collects these granules of goodness and it is mixed through our honey.